A well-maintained lawn creates a great image. At Nuscapes, we provide the services you need to keep your lawn health and beautiful, including commercial and residential mowing, aeration, and dethatching.


Commercial & Residential Mowing

At Nuscapes, we use high-quality mowers that leave behind a flawless cut and give your property the professional image you deserve. In addition to a top-notch cut, we remove trash from turf areas, mow, trim and edge all grass areas, then remove all clippings from hard surface areas.

Lawn Aeration

Annual lawn aeration is important to maintain a green, thick, healthy lawn. Aeration is the process of mechanically removing soil plugs and small portions of thatch from the lawn. It relieves soil compaction and improves the ability of roots to grow deeper into the soil and expand. This also gives air, water, and fertilizer to reach the root systems, create a healthier lawn.


Thatch is a layer of debris, made up mostly of grass clippings, that accumulates above the soil and below the blades of grass. While a thin layer about a half-inch thick is good, too much thatch can be a serious problem, because it restricts the movement of air, water and fertilizer to the roots and makes the lawn susceptible to harsh weather, disease and pests.

The professionals at Nuscapes will help you identify if your lawn has too much thatch and solve the problem. We will remove excess thatch using a core aerator, which pulls up the microorganisms needed to digest excess thatch naturally, turning it into nutrients for the lawn. For more serious thatch problems, we will use a vertical mower, which has a row of blades that cut grooves into the thatch and pulls it up. We then remove all thatch from the property.